Pensacola Dive Charters on Reef Cleaner

Dive Charters

Pensacola’s Best Dive Charter Boat!  Looking for underwater adventure? Come with us on our spacious, 30 ft Reef Cleaner! We offer dives to artificial and natural bottom reefs as well as the sunken USS Oriskany aircraft carrier and a sunken Russian Freighter. We also offer night dives and lionfish hunting dives!
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Lionfish Hunting in Pensacola

Lionfish Hunting

Lionfish are an invasive species that are causing an ecological disaster along the coastline. Reef Cleaner was specifically designed for lionfish hunting, and we are doing our part to stop them.  Learn how to hunt lionfish!  You can try it on any dive, or book a special dive just for lionfish hunting. Click here to learn more about lionfish or click here to book a dive!

USS Oriskany Diving in Pensacola

Dive Sites

There are so many interesting and amazing dive sites in Pensacola, and Reef Cleaner is ready to help you experience them! From the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier to a sunken Russian Freighter and natural bottom sites, we offer a wide range of diving experiences for all diving skill levels and tastes.  Click here for more info on our most popular dive sites!

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Are you ready for an incredible dive experience? Join us for a full week of diving, a weekend getaway, or just a day of fun out on the water!  Whether you want an exploration dive or lionfish hunting, Reef Cleaner has a dive for you! Got a group of people? We would love to be your underwater tour guide! Click here to contact Us to book your next dive trip!